The Gonstead Chiropractic Adjusting Method is designed to maximize results in any stage of life. We pride ourselves on always providing the utmost quality and attention to your care.

Benefits of


Chiropractic adjustment is not only for the back but also for all different parts of the body. Through spinal and joint manipulation, adjustments can soothe pain and improve the body’s overall function.

Chiropractic care reduces pain from migraines or neck-related headaches, spine injuries, joint discomfort in the arms, legs, or shoulders, whiplash, and much more.

What Makes

Gonstead So Special?

Gonstead is a special chiropractic method named after its creator, Dr. Clarence Gonstead. Through Dr. Gonstead’s extensive research, fifty-five years of practice, and over four million chiropractic adjustments, this technique of biomechanical analysis was perfected and is now available for doctors of the chiropractic world to use.

The Gonstead technique is different from other chiropractic systems, as the technique stems from the original principles of chiropractic. This technique of targeting the root of a patient’s problems and dedication to specificity is what makes Gonstead the ideal method.

A Gonstead spinal assessment analyzes the spine using five main criteria:
Visualization / Instrumentation / Static Palpation / Motion Palpation / X-ray Analysis


Understanding the spine is key to recognizing chiropractic doctors’ practices and how they achieve effective results for different conditions.

The human body is made up of many important parts, and the spine is one of them. The spine is a complex structure with associated muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves, which tend to become irritated or injured. Long sitting periods, bad posture, and nutrient deficiency are only some stresses that can consequently bring spinal pain.

For spinal problems, chiropractic doctors are leaders in the healthcare industry as they provide safe and effective relief for all spinal, back, and neck pains. Using Gonstead techniques, chiropractic doctors can easily target the pain’s origin and soothe it.


Injuries are any type of damage to your body due to accidents, falls, and more. The most common injuries related to the spine and neck include whiplash, disc, and work injuries, but injuries may happen to anybody. These injuries may lead to stiffness or discomfort, dizziness, spread-out body pain, and more. 

The longer these injuries are left untreated, the more painful they will become. It is crucial to get treatment, and chiropractic doctors can help with this.

Through the Gonstead approach, chiropractic doctors can precisely point out the root of the issue and provide an immediate remedy.


In the Gonstead Chiropractic approach, there is a logical approach to each bone and an articulation of the skeleton and spinal column. Extremity joints may shift out of place and cause issues such as arm, leg, or shoulder pain. Many times, the balance of the skeleton itself may be affected by misalignments of extremity joints.

In Gonstead Chiropractic, because the body is seen as an integrated whole rather than a collection of independent parts, specific adjustments naturally play a big role in what is offered at Eldersburg Family Chiropractic.


At our office, we welcome all ages of people with an emphasis on treating children and pregnant women. Related to chiro for children, many kids that come to our office often need help with issues related to ADHD, colic, or injuries. Many expecting mothers come to us with concerns about breech presentations, pelvic discomfort, and general pain issues.

By putting an emphasis on family care, Eldersburg Family Chiropractic is focused on boosting patients’ wellness. Methods such as Gonstead, which allows analysis of the body’s structure and biomechanics, and Webster, which is used specifically for pregnant women, are used in our services.

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